Hi! I’m Erin Harris.

I’m a writer and editor who by day pens copy for companies that do good, and who by night crafts tributes to the august tales of yore.

I’m often asked when and where The House on the Lake takes place. 

England? America? End of the nineteenth century?

Or is it retrofuturistic steampunk? 

I write it with a certain landscape in mind, but I leave it to you to decide when and where it takes place for you. I can tell you that it’s influenced by both British and American giants such as Dickens, Shakespeare, the Brontës, Melville, Hawthorn, Poe, Henry James, Edith Wharton, and Oliver Onions.

In fact, it’s Dickens who inspired the serialized format I use to share this story. He pioneered the publication of novels by installment in literary magazines. It was after most of his stories appeared chapter by chapter in periodicals that they were published in full as books.

If you like The House on the Lake, please share it! 🙌 

My goal is to get as many followers as I can so my ideal publisher will be stoked by my readership. My dream is to publish The House on the Lake with a small press in a little black hardcover with a red ribbon marker.

I hope my ghost story brings you a bounty of bone chills and a ton of enjoyment.